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Downtowns are the stage on which we celebrate our community – and every day is a new production.

Civitas Consultants

Civitas Consultants LLC is a Maryland-based consulting corporation formed in 2009 by David Feehan, a world-recognized expert in downtown revitalization. For more than fifty years, Feehan has provided leadership and management to successful downtown and business district organizations, founded and directed a technical assistance center for community development organizations and a public policy organization, authored numerous books and articles, and taught at two universities. He is often quoted by news media throughout North America and elsewhere. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetings, recently speaking in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Turin, Quebec, and Taipei, and has provided consulting services to many government agencies, organizations and associations. He has served on numerous boards of directors, and has chaired the boards of the International Downtown Association, the Responsible Hospitality Institute, Preserve Historic Dinkytown, and other organizations.

As the chief executive of three downtown organizations and two community development corporations, Feehan managed major real estate and infrastructure projects, successful business attraction and retention programs, major events, and an award-winning parking system.

As the chief executive of two technical assistance centers, he provided organizational development, marketing, fundraising and other management support to more than 500 nonprofit organizations.

As a consultant, Feehan has helped downtown and business district organizations as well as units of government develop visions and missions, strategic plans, innovative programs, and transformational processes.

As an author and professor, he co-edited and wrote the most recognized textbook on downtown management, Making Business Districts Work, and a new publication, Design Downtown for Women – Men Will Follow. He is a frequent writer for journals and trade publications.

Our History

2001 – 2009     President and CEO — International Downtown Association, Washington DC

2006 – 2008     Interim Executive Director – Downtown Columbia Partnership, Columbia MD

2005 – 2006     Interim Executive Director – Bloomfield Development Corporation, Pittsburgh PA

1996 – 2001     President and CEO – Downtown Community Alliance, Des Moines, IA

1994 – 1996     Executive Director, Downtown and Community Development – Detroit Renaissance, Detroit, MI

1989 – 1994     President and CEO – Downtown Kalamazoo, Inc., Kalamazoo MI

1988 – 1989     Executive Director – Citizens League of Southwestern PA, Pittsburgh, PA

1982 – 1988     Executive Director – East Liberty Development, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

1980 – 1982     Executive Director – Community Technical Assistance Center, Pittsburgh, PA

1973 – 1979     Executive Director – Minneapolis Communications Center, Minneapolis, MN

Consulting Experience

Selected examples as a private consultant:

  • Montgomery County MD Pike District – Forming a Business Improvement District
  • Minneapolis Greater Dinkytown District – Forming a business district management corporation
  • Philadelphia PA – North Broad Street Renaissance – Forming a BID
  • St. Paul MN – Organizational strategy for forming a BID
  • Columbia MD – Serving as interim executive director for Dowtnown Partnership
  • Pittsburgh PA – Funding strategy and serving as interim executivee director for a community development corporation
  • San Antonio TX – Transformation/restructuring of downtown revitalization program
  • Pittsburgh PA – Strategic plan for South Side Community Council
  • Columbia MD – Funding and program development strategy
  • Moorhead MN – Concept framework and organizational development for new downtown organization
  • Pittsburgh PA – Major fundraising strategy for crime reduction/affordable housing program
  • Lebanon PA – Creation of a business improvement district
  • Souderton PA – Creation of a business improvement district
  • Pittsburgh PA – Board training and development, management consulting for a senior residence
  • Provo UT – Parking advisory panel
  • Washington DC – Strategic plan and board retreat for Golden Triangle BID
  • Pittsburgh PA – Multi-neighborhood NID creation strategy
  • Pittsburgh PA – Organization retructuring of Community Technical Assistance Center
  • Billings MT – Expert Advisory Panel on city parking systgem
  • San Antonio TX – Assessment of support for restructuring municipal parking system
  • Pittsburgh PA – Assisting senior service center with dissolution
  • San Salvador, El Salvador – Creation of a Business Improvement District
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba – Downtown parking system assessment
  • Pittsburgh PA – Assessment of CDCs/Development of NID funding toolkit
  • Nassau, Bahamas – Creation of a new Business Improvement District
  • Grinnell, IA – Development of a new vision for downtown 
  • Fargo, ND – Creation of a new downtown organization
  • Queens, NY – Acquisition of City-owned parking facilities by CDC
  • Las Vegas, NV – Strategic planning for downtown parking

Selected examples as IDA President facilitating Advisory Panels

  • Austin TX – Retail strategic plan
  • Boise ID – Parking and downtown vision
  • Brooklyn NY – Retail strategy and organizational development
  • Charlotte NC – Parking strategy and management program
  • Cleveland OH – Creation of a Business Improvement District
  • Colorado Springs CO – Downtown development strategy
  • Collierville TN – Downtown vision and strategy
  • Council Bluffs IA – Creation of new downtown organization
  • Duluth MN – Funding strategy and implementation of a BID
  • Fort Wayne IN – Downtown organization restructuring
  • Lake Charles LA – Downtown vision and strategy
  • Lincoln NE – Transforming downtown parking program
  • Long Beach CA – Transforming downtown parking program
  • Omaha NE – Creation of a BID
  • Parkersburg WV – Siting and integration of new GSA facility
  • Providence RI – Restructuring downtown parking program
  • Seattle WA – Metro-wide transportation management strategy
  • Spokane WA – Customer service plan for downtown parking
  • Toledo OH – Integration of new federal facility into downtown plan
  • Washington DC – Best practices strategy for program improvement
  • Wheaton MD – Integrating new public facilities into master plan
  • Windsor ON – Reorganizing and expanding BID
  • Yakima WA – Organization and marketing strategy

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