Jack Hopkins

Dr. Jack Hopkins served for many years as president of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, and prior to that served as a small college president in in Michigan.

National Expert in Philanthropy, former Foundation President and College President

Many communities find that they need philanthropic support to fund downtown projects and programs. But devising a strategy that fits the mission of a foundation or corporate giving entity and secures the resources you need can be a real challenge. jack Hopkins can help. He understands how foundations make decisions, and what barriers might stand in the way of a grant. Get an expert on your side.

How Jack can help:

If you need to develop funding proposals, Jack Hopkins can help with proposal writing, proposal reviews, funding strategies, and determining how foundation support can be used to finance real estate projects.

Proposal Reviews

Funding Strategies

Proposal Writing

Real estate projects

Past Experiences

President, Kalamazoo Community Foundation
(2015 – 2016)

President, Nazareth College

Faculty, Hope College

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